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Our Publications

February 2023

Stagnation or changing times?

Outlook on the structural challenges of the construction supply industry in the 21st century

December 2022

M&A Construction Champions 2022

M&A strategies of the most successful construction companies

August 2022

Handbook for succession and acquisitions

Guide for M&A transaction processes

July 2022

S&B Construction Ranking 2022

The winners in the construction and construction supply industry and their success factors.

April 2022

What German construction suppliers can learn from the Brazilian construction industry

Brief Analyse

March 2022

Swiss construction companies under pressure

Effects of current developments on market participants and possible fields of action.

March 2022

Dynamics in the German flat roof market

Analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing product manufactures and derivation of recommendations for action.

October 2021

M&A in the construction industry

Overview of M&A usage behaviour, consolidation trends and solutions for value-added transactions.

March 2021

Transformation or siding – how will be build in 2030?

Impact of sustainable construction trends on the sub-segments of the construction industry.

February 2021

Pipeline construction until 2030

Challenges and opportunities in pipeline construction.

November 2020

Heating industry in change

Impact of the European Green Deal and investment potential in the market for heating installation.

November 2020

Quo Vadis prefabricated construction industry

Challenges and opportunities for prefabricated house builders.

October 2020

Window industry 2030: Changing times in window and facade construction

The impact of COVID-19 on the European competitive landscape.

June 2020

New playing rules in the construction industry

Transformation agenda 2030 for companies in the construction supply industry.

June 2020

Comeback Champions of the German construction industry

S&B Strategy Ranking 2020

May 2020

Deal Locator | Construction Industry

Assessment of the attractiveness of sub-segments in the German construction industry.

February 2020

Challenges in building service engineering

Challenges and solution approaches in market development for manufacturers of building technology.

December 2019

Opportunities through the digitalisation of the building envelope

Differentiation potentials of the construction supply manufactures by using the current user trends.

October 2019

Window industry Germany 2025

Opportunities and recommendations for action in the window industry.

October 2021

Powder keg technical building equipment

How German manufactures can withstand price and innovation pressure.


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