Penetrating regions and markets


                                 The market and customer structure is in a constant state of change and requires the alignment of the product and service portfolio to new, attractive customer groups. We point out potentials and accompany you in developing them.


                                                          True internationalisation means really penetrating foreign markets in Europe, Asia or America. This requires knowledge of routes-to-market, relevant distribution channels and customer groups, differentiation levers, competitive forces and market dynamics and size.


The attractiveness of one or more markets is apparent, but it is not clear in detail how big the potential is and what capabilities are required to penetrate customers locally.

Our solution

Internationalisation concepts and strategies

We support you with effective internationalisation concepts and strategies, with organic and inorganic approaches, by identifying the attractive end segments and the capabilities required for penetration and supporting you and your team in local organic market entry or larger make-or-buy processes – up to active preparation and support of a local takeover of a competitor.

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